lundi 5 avril 2010

All Internet Marketing Programs Are the Same. Right?


As a fairly new internet marketer, I became caught up in the “make millions now!” emails that I kept getting. I had started with one program but kept seeing more programs that promised instant money NOW. Of course, I’d abandon my first program and start following the next one – usually after spending money that I didn’t need to spend on it. I kept starting over again and again and then got frustrated because I wasn’t making any progress or sales. As I was reading through the latest and greatest proposal recently, I realized that this program was essentially like all the others I had read. Select a niche, choose your keywords, put up a blog, write articles and get backlinks. Wait for money to roll in. Everyone has their own spin on internet marketing, of course, but when you cut through the hype, it all focuses on those basic steps. There is a lot to learn because there are many different ways to perform those tasks and different styles appeal to different people. So, if they are all the same, what do you do? More research of course! Read the free reports that are offered and use the trial to sign up, but save your money! Join some (free!) forums and see what others have had success with. Get some honest feedback. You will find one or two programs that really resonate with you and fit your personal marketing style and budget. My friend’s style is real “in your face” while mine is more laid back and quiet. We have each found programs that we are comfortable with. The most important thing though is to not let yourself get so wrapped up in the “research” that you stop making progress toward your goal. You can work the “basics” on your own and then eventually incorporate other programs so expand and see what works for you. You don’t always buy the first dress or suit you try on. You don’t order at a restaurant without looking through the menu. Don’t rush in to the greatest, newest and shiniest programs out there either. Try many on for size and then go forward with the one that fits you.

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Blog your Way to Online Success


Once you’re tired of earning simple trickling in and are ready to boost your online business earnings, it is also time to come out from behind the security of anonymity and stop being so shy. You need to come out loud and proud of yourself and your business. Be ready to show the world an inside look at all your success! However, Do not lie! Be open and honest about all of your ventures and show your failures as well. This will help build trust amongst your readers as they’ll see that it’s true, nobody and nothing is perfect.

A blog has become one of the best marketing avenues available today for an online business. It’s safe to say that the people who read your blogs and posts want to learn a little more about you and your business. These are potential customers that are reading your blog. They came in search of someone they can trust and feel comfortable working with and learning from. What you need to do is share some tips. Show them that you’re their friend and want to share a little something special with them. If nothing more you’ll be able to get them into your subscribers list and you will be able to network with them further.

If you have yet to create a blog, now is the time to do so. Now before you start rattling off your life story or how your stepped on the cat’s tail last night, I have a few things that may assist you in obtaining and retaining readers:

-Blog about your venture, as you proceed though it. If you blog as you do, it makes coming up with what to blog about easy as pie.

-Share your stories to show your mistakes. Then give them advice as to what not to do.

-Five reasons why your business or product is superior to the others.

-Share tips for on how to build a strong foundation of readers and subscribers.

-Show them the importance of setting goals.

-Share stories about other successful people and those who may have mentored you. Show them other success stories.

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant about building your own blog, here are a few reasons why you should:

-Don’t be shy. There are many free blog sites and they are easy to navigate.

-Did you know that blog posts can even be automated now? So you don’t even have to sit and write everyday anymore. You can write 1 a day or several and post them throughout the week.

-Blogs do wonders for your Google rankings

-They are also awesome ways to obtain backlinks.

-A great way to bring yourself to the forefront and get more visibility.

-Besides advertising your own business, you can even monoticize it with other opportunities as well.

-How to sell products through your blog.

-Your faithful readers will post comments and converse with you. This lets them feel more at home and in the care of a friend showing them the ropes.

-In the end they will look up to you!

By now you should now see the importance of starting and maintaining a blog. Basically What it comes down to is you can drive about all sorts of traffic to your website by simply blogging. Soon enough you will see that your loyal readers will become recruits and customers all thanks to blogging.

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How to Add Your Blog to “Blog Directories”


There are over a million blogs now online, and there are thousands and thousands of readers who have to sift through all the intellectual and creative sedimentation in order to find the things that they would like to read. After all, there are as many tastes and thoughts as there are people on the planet, and having a blog can be a bid for anyone to be heard. If you have a blog, surely you’ve had dreams of making it big in the blogosphere and of getting people to read your work no matter where they are in the work. In order to do this, however, you will need to find ways to promote your blog.

Thanks to the power of technology and the Internet, you have a lot of techniques to choose from when it comes to promoting your blog. For one, you can post on forums that have topics that are related to your blog, and that have members who might be interested in the things that you have to say. Another way that you can promote your blog is through posting on mailing lists: you can extend help to people who you know can benefit from your expertise, or you can simply join a mailing list where people share your interests.

One more way for you to make more people come to your side of the bloggin universe is to add your blog to blog directories.

In the same way that Google indexes individual websites and puts them under the right keyword, so can you add your blog to an online blog directory. The blog directory is a great way for you to get noticed. By placing your blog under certain categories or keywords, and by placing it in a place that can be searched, and where individual entries can be categorized and filtered according to topic, you can get more readers — and not just casual readers who are passing through, but those who actually may share your interests.

How do you get your blog onto online blog directories?

There are many different directories available, and you will need to find one that not only offers free listing ‘ there are many of these, so you need not worry ‘ but those that will allow you to gain the most visibility. Moreover, you are not limited to a single blog directory: try placing yourself in about four or five, as there are readers and browsers that often stay loyal to a single blog directory. This technique may allow you to spread yourself farther, and faster.

Before you enter your blog onto an online directory, make sure that you know exactly what your blog keywords are.

These will be required when you register your blog site. You do not want to put down random keywords in an effort to get your blog noticed anywhere and everywhere. You know what it feels like to stumble onto a website that has absolutely nothing to do with your search term, so imagine what a blog reader would feel when he or she finds your blog but isn’t interested in its content!

Don’t turn potential readers away!

In the same way, make your content readable and worth going back to. There are many blog writers out there who do not even spell properly or write with sense, and you do need to set yourself apart from the rest. Make sure that your blog is ready for the world before you put it on a blog directory.

These are only a few tips that you may want to take note of before you start putting your blog down in a blog directory. For more information, go through the About and FAQ sections of blog directories to see what rules you need to follow, and the extent of the reach of the directory. With good planning and good keywords, not to mention good content, you will succeed in blogging.

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mardi 4 août 2009

Earning Money Online Idea !


One of the best idea to earn money online is to become an online marketing affiliate. Marketing affiliate is one of the most profitable online business for people who do not have their own products to sell online and definitely ideal for beginners. If you already researched for ways on how to make money online, I'm sure you have encountered many quick rich schemes out there that promise nothing but set you up for failure and disappointment. What is an online marketing affiliate? It is method of promoting a product in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and customer sales they provide for any company online that have an affiliate program. There are many company out there that pays up to 70% commission to the affiliate who is the reason for the sale. There are also many companies out there who became successful because of the affiliates who are helping them sell their products. Due to this reason affiliate programs become more and more popular.

Let us look at some reasons as why this is a good type of online business to set up.

No customer Service

Being an online marketing affiliate can be very "hands off". You don't need to deal with customer support calls or general questions. All of these are handled by the merchant. You will not need to talk to the customers who are aggravated and demand for their refunds. However, do your potential customers a favor by trying to sell them products that are in good quality. Please perform enough research to ensure that the company you wanted to become an affiliate is an honest vendor who give great attention to customer service. But, as a common knowledge there are always customers who will never be happy that is why it is great to know that you will never have to deal with customer service by being a marketing affiliate.

You can work from anywhere you desire

One of the great advantage being a marketing affiliate is you can work from home or anywhere you desire. The only thing you need is a computer and an internet service to get you going. You don't need to wake up early in the morning and drag yourself out to sit in traffic for hours. You can be in a coffee shop, at the beach or in the comfort of your home office.

You can choose what interests you

Online shopping have grown profitable through the years. You can find almost all of what everyone needs online and majority of today's population shops online. Due to this reason it is very easy to find a product that you are passionate about and be successful promoting them. This concept proves that you can find whatever relevant products you can promote and be good at it by using your expertise.

Unlimited potential for growth

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that there's no real cap on your earnings. If you have the knowledge and the work ethic, your income is potentially unlimited. Want a pay rise? Just roll out some new campaigns or ramp up some of your existing ones. Much better than groveling to a boss for an extra few percent a year!

Becoming an online marketing affiliate is one very good idea for you to begin earning money online. If you are ready to work from home or begin by working part time to earn extra money I will recommend that you begin looking into this opportunity.

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dimanche 26 juillet 2009

How to Build Backlinks ?


   Backlinks or back-links are incoming links to a website or web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (though other measures, such as Page Rank, are likely to be more important). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page.

In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

Backlinks You Should Not Get..

Gaining quality backlinks is a challenge most webmasters spend a great deal of time fretting over. There are several different techniques to generate incoming links – some methods do a wonderful job but there are just as many that cause more damage than good.

Most of the time, you can experiment and try out a few different ways to do something to determine what’s best for your website. When it comes to backlinks, testing the wrong method can mean eternal doom for your domain name. Manipulating the search engines is a guaranteed way to remove your website from Google, Yahoo, and other major search listings.

1. Links from scraper sites.

Before submitting your website to a directory listing, be sure the site is a legitimate directory. Scraper directories steal traffic rather than driving more and typically use frames, no-follow tags, or simply omit the backlinks intended for your site. Gaining links from these websites will benefit their rankings rather than your own.

2. Backlinks from link farms, link exchanges, and similar groups.

In Google’s eyes, any types of link schemes are not approved and can seriously decrease your rankings. This includes buying, swapping, and giving away links simply to generate links. There are some reputable programs that have developed acceptable methods but traditional link farms and backlink exchanges are noticed by search spiders.

3. Links generated by scripts and software.

There are a variety of programs available online that promise to increase backlinks to your website. Typically this is done with a software script that can be set to run automatically, leaving comments on forums and blogs that include your links. These scripts are annoying to other webmasters, are often ineffective because the comments are blocked by spam catchers, and can get your website blacklisted by search engines.

4. Mirror sites or repeated websites designed just for more links.

A common tactic among some internet marketers is to publish a collection websites, generally with the same content on each, just for the purpose of directing links to the sites in hopes of better rankings. These sites are typically filtered out of the search results, especially when the content provides little use or entertainment to the online community.

5. Backlinks from “bad” sites.

Just as backlinks from respected, high ranking websites can provide great benefits to your own, backlinks from blacklisted websites or those deemed unsuitable by search engines can damage your standings. Avoid incoming links from gambling sites, adult entertainment, and other questionable niche communities.

6. Website directories designed to increase rankings.

Directories are a great way to drive traffic to your website, but not all are effective link building tools. If you’re hoping to gain a solid backlink from a directory listing, look for the following characteristics: * The directory page is included in the website’s navigational links and/or sitemap. * The page is not using the NoFollow or NoIndex attribute. * The directory should be a static database rather than dynamic so it is easily read by search robots. * Organized links arranged in categories or grouped by similar topics. A mish-mash of urls thrown on a page generally signifies spam to the search engines. Remember that website directories are not bad and can increase traffic to your site – but most will not generate quality backlinks.

7. Reciprocal links.

Once upon a time in internet land, everyone traded links. Blogrolls and link lists are still quite common in the blogosphere but “trading links” is not an acceptable way to build links. Google actually states that “Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (”Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)” is in violation of their webmaster agreement.

8. Sidebar or footer links.

As with most website directories, buying sidebar links is a wonderful way to generate new traffic but it is not an effective way to increase page rank with backlinks. Because blogrolls and reading lists are such an integral part of online communities, search robots place very little importance on these links. Backlinks within the site content are best.

9. A multitude of links from the same website or with the same text.

Whether you’re buying links or building links between your own websites, it is important to remember that the most benefit will come from a variety of natural incoming links. Search robots scan the words within the link, as well as the text surrounding it. A large number of backlinks from the same website or with the same context may signal warning flags to search engines.

10. Listings on link pages.

Many website owners create separate web pages specifically to host their outgoing links. Before listing your website on such a page, it is important to consider how many urls are on the page and the rank of that page. Your backlink will receive its share of influence based on this information so a listing on a high ranking website will still have little effect if there are dozens of other links listed as well. While there are several ways to increase the number of backlinks to your website without bringing punishment from the search gods, the safest and most effective technique is still high quality, completely original content that generates incoming links because of its worth – not the author’s online popularity.

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mardi 30 juin 2009

Bid It Off


At Bid It Off you will get to learn all the pros and cons of internet based business. What to buy and what to sell? This question might baffle you time and again- The Answer Lies With Us.

The world around us has many different opportunities that fit each of our needs and wants. What you do with those opportunities is what separates us all.

Bid It Off teaches how to make millions of dollars a year from comfort of your home with little money to start with,

Stop, have a look, think again, you want to earn big and live life king size- Fine but do you know the tricks of home based business based on internet based business?

The answer is no since you are already down with the ongoing recession- the economy might not be doing well but you can do well in these troubled times.

A secure home based business will turn you into a millionaire sitting in front of your personal computer

A website that teaches you the ways to turn yourself into a millionaire within a short time with the minimum investment.

A self made millionaire with the help of internet based marketing and trading is a novel idea indeed. An exciting offer for aspiring millionaires. This website will give you a lot and take the least from you.

This wonderful ebook also teaches you trade online and buy and sell correctly and profitably. Profit making is the key to any business and hence profit making ideas are imparted through the ebook. A money back offer is awaiting you, if this ebook does not benefit you in any way and more….

Price: $45.00

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You Think You Want To Make Money On The Internet?


Can you think of some really good decisions you made in your life? What about some not so good decisions? Right now you're thinking you want to make money on the internet.

Life is ever changing and opportunities become few and in between. Doors open and we have to decide whether to step through and seize the moment or not.

When you are standing in front of that open door of opportunity the question arises "Should I do it or should I not"? You need to make a decision. How do we make decisions? This depends on a lot of things.

Suppose I said that I knew something that could change your life forever for the better. Would you be interested? Suppose I said I knew a millionaire that has built a six-figure a month business on the internet.

Suppose you could also learn how to do the same thing? Would you be interested?

What am I talking about? It's called affiliate marketing; your own internet business on the World Wide Web or Internet if you prefer.

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between an online merchant and affiliate, in which the affiliate earns a commission for generating sales, leads and/or clicks for the merchant's web site.

Affiliate marketing works in a win-win situation for the merchant and the affiliate. It is very simple. The affiliate markets the merchant's product, and the affiliate marketer benefits from each customer who clicks on the link in his website and who actually purchases the product or the service provided by the merchant.

The affiliate gets commission per sale, which can be fixed percentage or fixed amount.

The coolest thing is that some affiliate programs pay you for months to come! As an affiliate marketer you can earn a passive recurring income. You can realize $1000 or more every month deposited into your bank account.

Or, if you are someone who wants to start making five, or even six figures a year on the internet without having your own website or product, then affiliate marketing is the perfect place for you to start.

It won't cost a single dime to join an affiliate program. And, unlike virtually every other system out there, you can start earning without investing in any paid advertising!

You can use free marketing techniques initially. Then, as you begin to start making money, you upgrade to paid marketing like pay per click advertising.

There's no time like right now to take control of your financial future, especially during these economic times.

Stop the "should I" syndrome, and go for it! If not this, what? If not now, when? Open a door for you that could literally change your life. The only cost is your time and effort. Now you must decide!

"What if" you take time to look at affiliate marketing?

It could make all the difference.

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